Employee Handbooks

Enhance productivity, profitability, and performance by leveraging the flexible staffing options provided by Ecconsults Staffing. Our comprehensive range of solutions includes direct hire placements, contract staffing, temporary positions, and temporary-to-hire arrangements. We are dedicated to helping you meet your unique staffing needs and objectives.

Our talent pool encompasses individuals with diverse skill sets, catering to various industries:

  • Professional, mid-level, VP, and executive positions
  • Administrative and clerical roles
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Information technology sector
  • Education field
  • Human resources domain
  • Accounting and finance positions
  • Light industrial roles
  • Insurance industry
  • Retail sector
  • Government positions

At ECCONSULTS Staffing, we are committed to providing you with the right talent to drive your success. With our flexible staffing options and extensive industry expertise, we are well-equipped to support your staffing requirements and contribute to the growth and performance of your organization.


Staffing Services Include:

  • Job Description Editing and Drafting
  • Interviewing and Offer Process
  • Recruitment, Screening, Interviewing, and Skills Assessments
  • Client-Specific New Hire Orientation
  • Drug Testing, Reference and Background Validation, Credit
  • Reports, Motor Vehicle, Education, Verification, E-Verify

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