Consultant Training

Junior Recruitment Specialist

Are you interested in hiring a recruiter but lack the time to train them?

Have you recently onboarded a rookie recruiter who lacks the necessary training resources to help them succeed?

Look no further! Our Junior Recruitment Specialist Training program offers an ideal solution tailored specifically to your needs.

Come on, let's discuss it!

Tailored In House Training

Are you seeking training for a group of individuals that you know have the potential to soar? Excellent! We provide customized in-house training options for your team, available in Two-Day, Four-Day, Eight-Hour, and Four-Hour durations. Our training sessions can be conveniently conducted at your office, preferred meeting location, or even at our own facilities.

Online Consulting, Mentoring, Training, and Coaching

In certain cases, virtual solutions can be more convenient, and we are here to support you. Our services include:

  • One-hour virtual calls and lunch-n-learns.
  • Five hours of virtual training, coaching, or consulting.
  • Ten hours of virtual training, coaching, or consulting.